Over the past eight years, we have surveyed hundreds of our clients.  After playing with
Tactical Action Games, 99.8 percent  rated TAG as
"Excellent" and "Far Superior" to
past laser tag experience.  One hundred percent said they would choose TAG again.  So...
"I never knew the meaning of Laser Tag
until I played Frontline Laser Tag! It's a
million times better than any other laser
tag!   Whoever invented it is a genius.”
-Jason Robertson

"Playing laser tag this way is fun, there are
lots more options, space and possibilities
with this than at traditional laser tag places
(not to mention that its more real)... "
-Zachary Zundell

"This lazer tag freakin' rocks. It's not just
some dumb game where you run around a
dark underground cave thing, you actually
have to think. It actually takes brains to play
this game. This game rocks..."
-Alex Quan

"I had a blast, it's an awesome program and
much more realistic and entertaining than
anything else that I have done."
-Garrett Johnson

"It was awesome!  This just doesn't compare
to anything else, whether you play
somewhere else with laser guns, or with
airsoft guns, etc.  It's one of a kind, and it's
very awesome!  Thanks a LOT for doing
what you do!  It's a fun, safe, harmless way
to shoot people and have a good time while
doing it.  Everyone should try!"
-Bryan Merrill

"I went a couple of years ago to Lazer
Assault in Provo.   Honestly, I didn't enjoy it
very much.   The equipment wasn't too
good, we paid a lot of money for only about
half an hour, it was a tiny arena, and too
many people in it.   Because of the
experience I had there, I wasn't too excited
to come and play again.   When we started
playing, I absolutely loved it!   It was so
much fun!   The new design for the
equipment- the new guns and headset- were
so awesome!   All the games we played
were a lot of fun as well.   I liked the fact
that we were able to play outside, especially
up the canyon.   It was awesome!   Thank
you for the awesome time!”
-Brigg Olsen
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