We don't just give you some guns and say, "Go shoot each other!"  Eliminating
opponents is a means to an end.  All of our games are sport games, scenario missions,
or experiential learning activities.  We only use the traditional "elimination match" and
"team elimination match" games for orientation and to analyze leadership traits and team
dynamics in our client groups.  This analysis helps us to customize our training and to
organize team rosters for specific missions.  
"I generally liked everything. My favorite
game was broken arrow... team death match
was also pretty fun. The referees we're really
awesome as well.”-Stuart Jenkins

"It was a lot longer than any other laser tag
game I've ever played. It felt like you got
more for your money. I also liked the variety
of games that there were - instead of just
team shoot-em-up like you usually get."
-Lauren Fry

"I have recently tried your laser tagging and it
was the funnest thing that I have done all
summer.  It was awesome how you would give
us tips on how to survive better and attack the
opposing team more efficiently.  I also liked
the separate games we would do.  It was fun
to try and take down an assassin instead of
just shooting randomly at an opposing team.  
The location of the game was also a huge
plus.  It was fun to just have trees to hide
behind instead of man made walls.  I want to
compliment you on coming up with such a
fun and exciting game."  
-Matt Wald

"I had a GREAT time.  It was fun, exciting,
and fast-paced... Josh is great and his
instruction makes the laser tagging even
funner than it would be by itself.  My favorite
game was the Secret Service vs. Iranians
game; it's great to work together with
teammates to accomplish a goal, whether it
be simple or nearly impossible.  I've been
laser tagging twice already (once with the
former company), and look forward to doing it
again.  I keep telling my other friends who
haven't been laser tagging with T.A.G. (yet)
that they don't know what laser tagging is.  It
was also very fair; we got our full two hours'
worth, and it was definitely worth the price.  
I've never had this great a time at places like
Laser Assault.  All in all, I loved it, and I'm
excited to do it again.  Thank you for a
wonderful time"
"Hey!! I enjoyed everything!! I really like how
it's not just running around and shooting
anyone you see. I really like that there's a
strategy and tactics to win... it was sooo much
can't wait to play again!!!"It's fun and
challenging. It makes you think. And it's
always fun to defeat your friends in an intense
game of any kind, but especially TAG :D"
-Aja Huntington

"Lasertag is awesome; every time someone
mentions they're going I get more details so I
can go too... The different games are cool
too - it's nice to have a change so you're not
doing the same thing all night."
-Robyn Brough

"I liked how it doesn't cost very much,
especially when compared to places like
Laser Assault.  And it's a lot funner than
LaserAssault, too... more room, more varied
scenery, more different games, and no
endlessly repeating "Mortal Combat"... All the
games are great, and it's a brilliant set-up and
a lot of fun.  I keep telling people that they
don't know what lasertag is, and I'd like to
organize a game myself... So, thank you.  
Because it was great, and I loved it."
-Amelia Beukers
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