"I never knew the meaning of Laser Tag until I played Frontline Laser Tag! (back
when it was called that) It's a million times better than any other laser tag!   Whoever
invented it is a genius.”-Jason Robertson

"This lazer tag freakin' rocks. It's not just some dumb game where you run around a
dark underground cave thing, you actually have to think. It actually takes brains to
play this game. This game rocks...”-Alex Quan

"It was awesome!   This just doesn't compare to anything else, whether you play
somewhere else with laser guns, or with airsoft guns, etc.   It's one of a kind, and it's
very awesome!   Thanks a LOT for doing what you do!   It's a fun, safe, harmless
way to shoot people and have a good time while doing it.   Everyone should try!”-
Bryan Merrill

"Our party was so fabulous! Everyone said it was the best party ever and I have
been giving out a lot of cards to other moms who ask about it. The price was right,
the guy who helped us was wonderful with the kids, the games he played made it so
much more fun than just having the kids run around like crazy!! It truly was the BEST
party we have ever had or been to. We will be calling again soon to do an adult
party! - Whitney Nicholson

"This is certainly the best of the best!   I have never had an experience like this when
it comes to fast, realistic lazer tagging.   It helps improve my air soft games too! I
think the best part is that if you're a loser (like me) you're taught as you go, and get
better!”-Janae Card"

THANK YOU!  I just wanted to let you know that Josh and his team did an amazing
job with the kids (I am sure that this is not news).  The kids had a wonderful time!  
Some of them said that playing in the snow was even more fun than playing in the
summer.  I really appreciate the professional manner in which your team approached
this event.  The prep meeting was great.  The event was a huge success.  Thanks
for making such a fun event so easy for me!" -Linda Zimmermann

"I had a blast, it's an awesome program and much more realistic and entertaining
than anything else that I have done.”-Garrett Johnson

"Playing laser tag this way is a blast, and not only is it a great time, but you learn
tactics and skills that could be used in real-life situations.   Nowhere else comes
even close to how much fun I've had here.”-Scott Monson

"Lasertag is awesome; every time someone mentions they're going I get more details
so I can go too... The different games are cool too - it's nice to have a change so
you're not doing the same thing all night.”-Robyn Brough

"I loved doing this!... It was so much fun, I loved learning to do actual drills and
learning team tactics. I'm really looking forward to doing it again, hopefully several
times with friends... I can't wait till my next time doing this!”-Kristen Southerland

"To say the least, I loved it, as a matter of fact, I am going to set up a game in the
next week or two... When I was not playing, I was learning techniques of how to
improve my performance, as well as playing shock tag. I had just as much fun doing
these things, as I did playing the actual uv tag. Thanks for the great experience!”-
Sean Southerland

"Wow, this was my second time playing T.A.G, and I loved it just as much as the first
time.   Even the training is interesting... The games are organized, and people want
to comply to the rules so they can have more fun.   I'm definitely coming back!   
These games are great ways to get together with friends, get to know people, or just
about anything else!   I'm definitely going to remember you the next time I want to
have lots of fun with a bunch of friends...   It was very well organized, and the people
running it knew exactly what they were doing... it's fun... and totally worth your time
and money!   No regrets!!!”-Bryan M.

"It was so much fun! I just went tonight and it was my first time ever going laser
tagging and it was a BLAST! They totally made it fun with great games and all that.
You should definitely do this!   I really liked how you did this..... our guide person was
funny and made everything sound so realistic. He really made sure that everyone
understood, and if we didn't then it was our own fault for just not asking and just
wanting to go out and do it. It was really great.   Thanks!”-Kristin Humphrey

"Hey!! I enjoyed everything!! I really like how it's not just running around and
shooting anyone you see. I really like that there's a situation and that you have to
think and use strategy and tactics to win... it was sooo much fun!!! I am still very
pleased with T.A.G and I can't wait to play again!!!  It's fun and challenging. It makes
you think. And it's always fun to defeat your friends in an intense game of any kind,
but especially TAG :D”-Aja Huntington

"It was very involved and it isn't just fun for those who have played it a lot of times.   It
includes everyone and makes them feel important in their role in the game. You
acknowledge those who do really great things and help us learn from it too.”-Heidi

"I have recently tried your laser tagging and it was the funnest thing that I have done
all summer.   It was awesome how you would give us tips on how to survive better
and attack the opposing team more efficiently.   I also liked the separate games we
would do.   It was fun to try and take down an assassin instead of just shooting
randomly at an opposing team.   The location of the game was also a huge plus.   It
was fun to just have trees to hide behind instead of manmade walls.   I want to
compliment you on coming up with such a fun and exciting game.”   -Matt Wald

"Thank you for the most awesome party ever given... The kids can't stop talking
about it!”-Mary Sue S. (Salem)

"I have so much fun every time I go. I set up a game last Saturday and had an
awesome time. Josh gave clear instructions and was able to keep everyone's
attention. He also had another game going on with the shock guns, and that was a
blast. I think one of the best parts of going there is learning real tactics and
maneuvers and plus his games are always really fun. Last, I really had fun when I got
to use the sniper, it was interesting. I like how there isn't a lot of downtime in between
games. There is always activity and it's really worth the money.”-Krystian Perez

"I had a GREAT time.   It was fun, exciting, and fast-paced... Josh is great and his
instruction makes the laser tagging even funner than it would be by itself.   My
favorite game was the Secret Service vs. Iranians game; it's great to work together
with teammates to accomplish a goal, whether it be simple or nearly impossible.   I've
been laser tagging twice already (once with the former company), and look forward
to doing it again.   I keep telling my other friends who haven't been laser tagging with
T.A.G. (yet) that they don't know what laser tagging is.   It was also very fair; we got
our full two hours' worth, and it was definitely worth the price.   I've never had this
great a time at places like Laser Assault.   All in all, I loved it, and I'm excited to do it
again.   Thank you for a wonderful time”-Anonymous

“It was a lot of fun, I can't believe how intense it can be and how much fun you can
have.  I really enjoy the group games and the need to defend each other while
fighting off common enemies. I like that it feels like a real situation. Thanks for being
so creative.” –Cami Lybbert

"I went a couple of years ago to Lazer Assault in Provo.   Honestly, I didn't enjoy it
very much.   The equipment wasn't too good, we paid a lot of money for only about
half an hour, it was a tiny arena, and too many people in it.   Because of the
experience I had there, I wasn't too excited to come and play again.   When we
started playing, I absolutely loved it!   It was so much fun!   The new design for the
equipment- the new guns and headset- were so awesome!   All the games we played
were a lot of fun as well.   I liked the fact that we were able to play outside, especially
up the canyon.   It was awesome!   Thank you for the awesome time!”-Brigg Olsen

"It was an awesome time yesterday. Mr. Uda was a very excellent instructor... Overall
BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is worthless compared to UVtag. Thanks!”-Jake

"I liked how it doesn't cost very much, especially when compared to places like Laser
Assault.   And it's a lot funner than LaserAssault, too... more room, more varied
scenery, more different games, and no endlessly repeating “Mortal Combat”... All the
games are great, and it's a brilliant set-up and a lot of fun.   I keep telling people that
they don't know what lasertag is, and I'd like to organize a game myself... So, thank
you.   Because it was great, and I loved it.”-Amelia Beukers

"I generally liked everything. My favorite game was broken arrow team death match
was also pretty fun. The referees we're really awesome as well.”-Stuart Jenkins

"It was a lot longer than any other laser tag game I've ever played. It felt like you got
more for your money. I also liked the variety of games that there were - instead of
just team shoot-em-up like you usually get.”-Lauren Fry

"Playing laser tag this way is fun, there are lots more options, space and possibilities
with this than at traditional laser tag places (not to mention that its more real)... “-
Zachary Zundell

“I really like how are team (alpha) did really really bad in the beginning and then
figured out that halo tactics of running out in the open being the hero doesn't really
work in life haha. But I like how our group learned how to work as a group and to
trust each other. I really like the game and will for sure do it again and probably
again.  It’s a great activity to get everyone involved and doing something.” – Flint

“It is really fun and not very expensive. Definitely very affordable.  I can go laser
tagging many times for the same amount of money as laser assault. You get at least
2 hours for 10 dollars and with all the coupons he gives out you can go for free or
even cheaper than 10. I like playing with uvtag more than laser assault because you
can interact with your teammates much easier and communication is key. Uvtag is
the bomb!” –Jason Barthel

“It was interesting and new to play in a non-controlled environment.  I really like the
scenarios that we did, and the tips we received on how to stay alive longer. I thought
that it was really fun where we got to have so many people play with us.  It made it
much better to play it at a park rather than a laser tag facility.  It was interesting
where we had a sensor on our head rather than sensors on our shoulders and
chest.  Putting the sensor on the head was unique, and made it very different from
aiming at the person's chest.  I also liked that it was ten dollars for two hours, instead
of fifteen for just one.” –Michael Morgan

“Well organized and fun to work with I definitely enjoyed talking with an actual person
who was so knowledgeable and enjoyed teaching and helping us.  Nothing was
wrong. Brilliant organization made the activities easy to schedule, and fun to play.
The whole experience was awesome.” –Kory Horton

“I recently went laser TAGging for my fifth time and I still had just as much fun as my
first.  TAG is just so much better than any other laser tag because it's realistic,
outdoors, and Josh teaches tactics and squad based maneuvering which makes it all
the more fun.  Not only do I have fun unlike any activity in my life, this helps me a
great deal in preparing for the Marines.” –Thomas Septon

“It was intense, exhilarating, fun, exciting, relaxing, and I would, and have, done it
again, and again. I liked that the time started after the briefing instead of when they
arrived.  Cons… not much, you have it down to an art form” – David Hillier

“This was the second time I have played laser tag through your company, and it was
just as good the first time! For most of the group I played with, it was their first time,
but the response was awesome.  Everyone loved playing, and we as a group will be
planning another game later this year.   Overall, thank you for the great service and
for providing an evening full of action and fun.” – Jennifer Zeller

"Josh, We had a great time last night and really appreciated your coming.  We
recognize that you go above and beyond for us and really do so much for the low
price that you charged, and just know that we appreciate it so much.  Your coming
has been the highlight of the camp out for everyone the past two years, and the kids
and parents talk about it all throughout the year.  Thank you for making it possible
for us to enjoy such a fun event.  Again, thanks a million.  You do such a good job
with this event.  It is definitely something you were meant to do." - Mike Seal, Union
Fort Stake YM Pres

"I went laser tagging for my friend's birthday party, and I found it one of the funnest
things EVER! I thought that for $10 an hour it is very affordable, and definitively
worth the money! I loved how it was so much more realistic than regular laser
tagging, and it can be played basically anywhere! I would recommend this to anyone
looking for a good time." - Ethan Nielsen

"It took everything I knew about Laser Tag and increased that by who knows how
much.  I never personally will join the army so this will be the closest I ever get to
that...  I enjoyed using the radio to call in attacks and medics." - Ethan Dayton

"We had people who knew what they were doing teaching us tactics and overall
strategy. This is actual real world stuff that I was learning, plus it was ridiculously
fun." - Timothy Riser

"The scenarios were realistic and challenging, even though it was a beginning level.  
I liked how Joshua's personality kept everyone's attention.  He's both an instructor,
and entertainer.  Very important to keep things fresh and fun." - Kana Kanohi

"This was the second time I have played laser tag through your company, and it was
just as good the first time! For most of the group I played with, it was their first time,
but the response was awesome. Everyone loved playing, and we as a group will be
planning another game later this year." - Jeniffer Zeller

"I loved how the scenarios built off of each other, it just was not the same thing again
and again.I also loved how we could be much more Physical." Jameson McDougal

"Being outside was probably the best part. Also having a team to work with made it
great too!" - Scott Richey

"I went with my ward... this is the next best thing after a well organized paintball
match, and it's a lot cheaper / easier to put together.  And it's instructional to boot,
with all kinds of neat scenarios, with no pain (except for being really really sore
afterwards from running around).  A+++++!!!  Keep up the good work!" -Mike Byrd

"I took an Elders Quorum to play T.A.G and all I heard was, "this was the best activity
I have ever had", really fun, well priced, we had a great time!" - Anonymous

“I just have to say, Frontline TAG made my 16th Birthday the funnest night of my life!
I will definitely be coming back very soon. Good times, and keep up the great fun!” -
Brittany Crockett

“SO SWEET!!!! We did it for mutual and had to leave early.  I almost cried myself to
sleep that we only got an hour and a half instead of two.” – Torin James Holt

"I have played a couple of times with TAG and found it to be one of the most fun
activities you can do. It's perfect for a date night. Some may think that girls would not
enjoy playing laser tag but I have found that they enjoy it more than the guys do.
Josh is a great organizer and will work around the needs of your group. The games
are perfectly developed and instructions are given in a clear consistent manor. I
highly recommend using TAG for family reunions, birthdays, and the weekend date
night... YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED...”-Tyler Ashton (Provo)
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