Advanced Training
The realistic nature of our games compels players to learn combat
tactics and to move and shoot as a unit.  Those who run-and-gun
or go
"Lone Wolf" have a life expectancy of about 30 seconds.

Fortunately, TAG instructors teach personal combat skills,
small-unit tactics, squad-based maneuvering, and basic patrolling.
We use a curriculum of combat-tested doctrine, strategy, and
tactics derived from
S.W.A.T. and Special Forces tactics, which
have been modified for action-pursuit games.

Add a combat-training module to your game for $10 per player.  
Upon request, our Master Instructors can focus on leadership
development through experiential learning.  During debriefing, we
examine effective and ineffective leadership styles, practices, and
decisions. Participants are taught crucial principles of leadership and
team performance and given the opportunity to apply and develop
these principles on the battlefield.  

Because we use military and law-enforcement tactics, none of our skills
"Rambo" solutions; they all focus on knowing and using the
resources of the group with emphasis on specialization and division of
forces (delegation), and force-multiplication (synergy).  We also teach
team-crucial combat communication, and we present structured
opportunities for each participant to
plan, organize, lead, and control.

Leadership development is customized for each group, but whether we
are training scout troops, ROTC cadets, or management teams, we
help all our of clients develop competent leaders and cohesive teams in
a fun and challenging environment.
You must work together with your team to capture bases, gather intel, rescue
hostages, and more!  Evaluation is not subjective.  When you do it right, you
accomplish the mission.  When you do it wrong... you die.
The Frontline C4 Program covers
academically established principles of
leadership and team performance from a
management and organizational behavior
perspective.  Games and tactics place
emphasis on project management
concepts, including traditional views as
well as principles from
Lean & Agile.  Send
us a request for details and pricing and you
can download our slide deck for free!
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Tactical Team Building
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Who is choosing Frontline TAG for Tactical Team Building?
No activity puts more on the line and places greater demands on
leaders and team members.
We teach real combat tactics and draw parallels to all of the most essential
principles of leadership and team-performance...
No learning activity illustrates the challenges and
experiences of life and business more effectively than
mock warfare.
Experiential Learning has become the most sought-after method of leadership
training and team building.  Ropes courses, group activities, and recreation
programs provide memorable opportunities for teams to bond and work together.  

These activities can be fun and effective, but most teach unproven philosophies
with indirect metaphors, rather than proven principles with direct application.
At Frontline, we have a unique approach to learning.  We teach real combat
tactics and draw parallels to academically established principles of leadership and
team-performance.  We then challenge you to apply these principles in combat.